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My Story

I lived on the East Coast and had the opportunity to visit Nantucket throughout the years.  I loved the summertime visits but really fell in love with the island after Labor Day when the pace slowed even more and with a January trip where there were only 2 restaurants open and the snow was falling.  My heart was taken.  When I decided to open a small boutique after 35 years in High Tech sales, taking a year off to figure out my passion in life, I imagined a shop that embraced my thoughts of comfort and style.  Nantucket Loft rolled off my tongue and seemed to fit my vision of this lifestyle I was so passionate about.  After starting my college years in Interior Design and Architecture, I was told I would fare better down the hall in the Engineering Department.  Rather than staying my path, I took their advice and had a wonderful career seeing the world and communicating with brilliant Scientists but was always left empty at the end of the day, alone in hotel rooms.  Now, my dreams have come true and I hope to share not just products to sell that will pay the bills but an entire experience of beauty, scents, wonderful fabrics to wrap into, great music, organic skin products, and good food! All of the things I remember about Nantucket and that make me truly happy.  Who knows, maybe one day I will have my Loft in Nantucket! In the meantime please feel free to stop by and enjoy some comfort and a sip of wine.

Kelly Ohara

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